As mentioned in my outfit post, my and my girls went to Durdle Door, after getting a bit lost Lulworth Cove first.

Durdle Door has been on my Dorset hit list since forever, and after a failed attempt with my family which can be seen here,  we finally made it! After an hour or two of hiking up the steepest hill I think I have ever seen, passing some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, we made camp on the stone beach. 1913 151067 8 9 11 51720 21

I would thoroughly recommend visiting on a sunny day, especially in the week when it’s fairly quiet! It’s such a beautiful sun-trap, and I can’t wait to go back!!

JMB xx


A few weeks back, when the end of uni and deadlines weren’t imminent, me and the gals visited Lulworth Cove. As you may remember, my mum, nan and myself tried to visit Durdle Door a few months ago, but failed. Back then I was wearing a coat, scarf and tights so I thought it was only right to do a warmer outfit post from my second, very successful trip.

1 2 3 4Dress- Boohoo | Converse | Bag- Primark

This year, I have been loving off the shoulder tops so I thought it was about time to upgrade to a dress. I found this cute dress on Boohoo and I thought it was perfect for the English summer or festivals! The fact that it’s just a black, off the shoulder dress makes it so wearable that you could probably even wear it in the winter, however, the multi-coloured pom-pom details give it such a cute edge. I can definitely see myself wearing this at Glastonbury. Speaking of Glasto, I should probably start planning my outfits….

I have tones of photos from this day, which will be a very postcard-esque heavy post!

JMB xx


As the sun comes out, the only place I really want to be in on holiday next to a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, but alas, I’m still in the UK cracking out my pasty white legs at any opportunity I get.

Although living in Bournemouth in the sunnier months is the best, it’s not quite Greece. So as the old saying goes; if you can’t be next to the palm trees, BE the palm trees.
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Top- Asos | Dress- Topshop | Denim Jacket- Primark | Bag- Primark | Converse 

One second I was sitting in uni, staring out at the sun, and the next I was in my car on my way to the beach and I just don’t know how that happened…. In my defence, it was for research purposes but to be fair it did end up with Pimms and a  Harvester (I know, classy gal aye?).

Even since I started following Anna Heaton on Instagram I have been totally obessed with her and everything 90s, which is pretty evident in this outfit. If you don’t already follow her you defo should, as I’m constantly lusting over her wardrobe and checking her Asos picks daily.

I caved a few weeks ago and finally bought my first pair of black Converse (I don’t know how I managed to be an emo without then, although I did have a really lovely green pair…). Another 90s inspired piece was this slip dress. At first I really didn’t like the whole dress-over-a-top thing, but now I think it’s really cool and easy.

The day these photos were taken, while in town my friend actually noticed there was a big ol’ hole the bum of the dress (big bum problemz), So I had to quickly had to swap it over in Topshop. I accidentally picked it up in a bigger size which was miles bigger than the other so I’m going to have to get my nan to take it up a few inches. I really love this dress though, as it’s quite different from what I would normally go for. Topshop are doing loads of different colours and patterns in this shape dress that I may need to take a peek of.

JMB xx

(P.s- Let’s not talk about how long I’ve been missing)


Here we are again, me summing up the past month in 9 photos, almost 2 weeks late! I’ve just come back to Bournemouth for my final ever term at uni and I’m both missing London already and never wanting uni to end!

NOVEMBER(from bottom right to top left)

1| A roadtrip around Dorset to Brownsea Island for Mother’s Day with my mum and nan when they came to visit me for the weekend.

2| A celebratory eggs florentine and tea after a big ass presentation (please note I also consumed my first Pims of the year before this at about 11am).

3| More food, this time in the form of 7 Bone which is definitely a must if you’re visiting Bournemouth!

4| The run up and release of The Last Shadow Puppets’ new album got be OBSESSED with the boys. Hurry up Glasto so I get so cry at how beautiful they are!

5|  Back in London and working off of Oxford Street means popping into Kaffeine for a trendy coffee.

6| I finally got to break lent and stuff my face with doughnuts (…more food, obviously).

7| A round mirror a copper pipes in The Riding House Cafe makes for a pretty toilet. We actually got our whole meal for free because they forgot about us and gave us burnt food. It was still delicious though…

8| Oh what’s that Jodie, pancakes..?

9| I got my hair cut the shortest my hair has been in years, and of course I hate it like most girls do when they first depart with a huge amount of hair. Fun fact: shortly after this I had a disaster with my old hairdresser which meant I had to pay an extra £90 to get it fixed and I now have pretty blonde hair…..

I have lots I want to blog about but feel like I have 0 time to do so because of my final few month at uni so please bare with me!

JMB xx