I’m currently going through a stage of feeling huge and super insecure. I’m putting this down to getting my winter belly to keep me warm (like animals get their winter fur), but in reality I know it’s because of the carbs I’m constantly throwing down my throat. I definitely have those mornings before work where I try on 5 different outfits (before settling on my first one) and at the weekends I sometimes sit in my underwear, because it’s easier than choosing an outfit (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this), but despite this I still… View Post

As I mentioned in my Summer Insta Picks, here is the post on paradise that I promised.. Way back when in June I visited Rhodes in Greece with my family and I had the loveliest time. When some people go on holiday they like to just sit by the pool for a week and not do anything, however I love going on excursions, visiting places you’ll never visit again. We took a trip to a tiiiiny island called Chalki. WARNING: This post may give you holiday blues. When the rep told us about Chalki she explained it as being a… View Post

I’m currently in that sad limbo part of the summer where you have nothing to do, but in my case, not enough time to do anything productive (like work) as I’ll be heading back to uni in about a month. I’ve taken to looking through all my holiday photos whenever I’m bored, so you’ll be seeing a few more posts which include sunshine and the sea… Top- Zara | Short- Zara | Sandals- New Look | Bag- Primark| Sunglasses- Asos I put my Zara two piece top together with my new shorts on a win and I think they look… View Post

A week or so ago I went to Rhodes (Greece) for a girly family holiday. It was here when I realised how pale I actually was and felt cheated that people around me let me get in that state, a girl needs her vitamin D… This was one of our last nights (I upped my tan game on the last few days don’t worry) when we had a bit of time to spare before heading to dinner, and my mum wasn’t too hangry to take photos (although trying to find a suitable place to take photos did take her there)…. Top- Topshop |… View Post