It sounds pretty cringey, but it’s true what people say, that older you get the more confident you get. I’ve spent most of my teenage to *young* adult life being pretty insecure, to the point when getting dressed would ruin my mood. I can’t be the only girl who has been in her room crying before a night out, when the rest of the gang are downstairs pre-drinking just because I felt fat in everything? This has happened too many times for me to count, each time my friends having to take it in turns to find me something to… View Post

I’m currently going through a stage of feeling huge and super insecure. I’m putting this down to getting my winter belly to keep me warm (like animals get their winter fur), but in reality I know it’s because of the carbs I’m constantly throwing down my throat. I definitely have those mornings before work where I try on 5 different outfits (before settling on my first one) and at the weekends I sometimes sit in my underwear, because it’s easier than choosing an outfit (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this), but despite this I still… View Post

As mentioned in my outfit post, my and my girls went to Durdle Door, after getting a bit lost Lulworth Cove first. Durdle Door has been on my Dorset hit list since forever, and after a failed attempt with my family which can be seen here,  we finally made it! After an hour or two of hiking up the steepest hill I think I have ever seen, passing some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, we made camp on the stone beach.  I would thoroughly recommend visiting on a sunny day, especially in the week when it’s fairly… View Post

Last weekend my nan and mum came down to Bournemouth to visit me for the weekend and we were definitely blessed with the weather! We did lots of shopping, eating, cinema-ing ( watching Grimsby with your nan is an experience…) and most of all exploring Dorset! There’s so many beautiful places in Dorset that I want to visit, so whenever someone comes to visit me I take full advantage and whisk them away in my car! This time we targeted Lulworth Cove which is home to Durdle Door. Due to slightly inappropriate footwear we couldn’t get down to the actual… View Post