Hi everyone, it’s time for my bi-annual blog post. Actually, my last blog post about Glastonbury was in July, so technically this is super early… I know I say this at the beginning of every blog post, but I really do want to get back into the blogging world, creating content and sharing it with anyone who wants to read. Back in March, my online pal Bex Robb tagged me in a post on Instagram to answer a few get-to-know questions, so I thought it was finally time to do it! You can read her post here! Before I get started, I just… View Post

Hi everyone, remember me? It’s be a loooong time. On my lunch break today I had a look at Lizzie Hadfield’s blog for the first time, even though I’ve been following her on everyting else for a long ‘ol time. I’m a bad person, I know, but it’s hard to choose to look at an actual blog post, even everything is already tagged on Instagram, when you could be watching a Youtube video.. or Love Island.  Her blog has totally changed the game. It’s totally unique and original and it really got me motivated with JMB. I have this space… View Post

So it’s been a while. 4 months in fact and the year has even changed. I’ve graduated, got an actual proper grown up job and adopted a rabbit so a lot has happened. I miss blogging so much, but it’s hard, really hard, well, to be a **fashion** blogger it is anyway. Back in the day when I relaunched JMB (and spent a whole lot of money doing so) i had 3 posts scheduled to go live weeks in advance. What happened? I moved back to uni and went through a break up, meaning I lost my ‘Instagram husband’. Skirt… View Post

As festival season is well and truly over, I thought I’d put together a few photos from Glastonbury earlier in the year. Before this year I was a Glasto virgin so I obviously did all the touristy(?) things including having a photo in front of the Glastonbury sign, going up the ribbon tower and (the most magical of all) staying up till 5am to watch the sunrise at the sign. Nothing can beat walking back to the tent as the sun is rising, passing The Stone Circle as everyone is sitting around tens of camp fires.  I wasn’t planning on… View Post