Since going veggie, in Jul;y 2016 (whoah), the natural next step was to go cruelty free with my makeup. Like a lot of other people, animal testing never really crossed my mind until this point. I’m not sure if it never crossed my mind, or if I just turned a blind eye to it because I loved buying excessive amounts of makeup. I remember, a few weeks after going veggie I bought a Mac quad and my friend made me feel really guilty. I think she was partly doing it because she didn’t think I would actually stay veggie so… View Post

I received my first Mac lipstick for my 18th birthday when I didn’t understand what it was, or how to even apply it. I don’t know what shade it was, or what happened to it but I’ve worked up a little collection since then. I’ve also turned into one of those girls who stand staring at 10 swatches that all look the same, and end up buying two of them because ‘they’re totally different’, but we all know they’re not… (Top to bottom) Sin | Retro | Mehr | Velvet Teddy | Fanfare | Vegas Volt | Costa Chic Sin (matte) |… View Post

Seeing as the world of beauty has just gotten over going mad for brows, I though I would put together a little post on how I tame mine on a daily basis. My instagram is filled with perfect brows on a daily basis, so here’s my attempt of getting my brows on fleek (do we even know what that means yet?). Sleek Brow Kit | Benefit Gimme Brow Gel | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade | Barry M Angled Brush | Avon Spoolie Brush 1 | I usually start my brows after my base, just because I can’t do the rest of my face… View Post

I know I’m basically a season behind with this post as we’re sadly saying goodbye to Summer but I thought I would share with you what I’ve been reaching for this Summer to paint my lips with.. Looking at the top two photos, it makes me feel really uneasy at how similar they all are. I’m sure every girl is guilty with ‘needing’ a new lipstick which is practically identical to another one (or five) she already owns. However, hopefully you can see they are all different, and most definitely all ‘needed’ in the swatches photo.   (From left to… View Post