Cya 2017, Hello 2018- It’s Okay To Be Single

December is generally time to reflect on the year, and earlier in the month I saw a post on Instagram, with the caption ‘It’s been a good year’ and my instant reaction was ‘well I haven’t had a good year’, but then I realised I was only basing that on the fact that I haven’t found love this year. And then I thought about it, and I realised I’ve had a pretty good year! I’ve been to Disneyland, I watched my best friend get married, I went to Glastonbury AND I SAW THE STONE ROSES! This made me think, why is love, or finding a partner the thing we (me anyway) mostly focus on?

Am I fed up of being single, or am I only fed up of being single because I’m constantly being reminded of it? I’m fed up of being asked ‘haven’t you found a nice boy yet’, because despite the fact I know it’s been asked out of kindness, it’s annoying because you know, I’M TRYING!! But seriously, how are you supposed to meet someone when you drive into work every day, work at an industrial estate, and online dating is dry AF. Whenever I go out, I’m more interested in having a fun time with my pals than sniffing out a potential partner.

Also, why do I need to find someone? I’m fairly happy being single right now. With nobody to upset me or play with my emotions. Honestly, the best part of being single is not having my day ruined by something that really shouldn’t ruin my day. A few months ago I dabbled (lol) in the world of dating and it was a bloody roller coaster of being picked up then dropped after a week (this happened a lot). During this time my head was a total mess, I was getting down if he didn’t text me back or said something odd. It made me realise this isn’t how it should be and it isn’t worth it! If you’re making too many excuses for how someone is acting, then they’re not worth it.

I was super excited for 2017, and I truly thought it was going to be my year, and when I say that, all I really thought is that I would find someone. But you know what, it has been my year, but in lots of different ways. I have a few resolutions for 2018, but they’re all going to be things that I can control, not waiting for someone else to take control of!

  • Go vegan- I’m basically vegan anyway, as I never eat diary (or meat, obviously) at home, but eating out and snacking it work is where I do. 2018 is going to be the year I go vegan, starting with Vegan-uary, which I would urge everyone to try too! Since becoming veggie I’ve tried so many different things, and it’s actually made me do more! At least once a month I go to the vegan food market at Broadway Market, because there nothing more exciting than finding some good vegan food! I also got super into cooking this year, and that was all down to Lucy Watson’s book ‘Feed Me Vegan’. I made the banana and chocolate bread and it went down like a treat, even if everyone did turn their noses at it to begin with because it was vegan.
  • Spend more time brushing my teeth- This is a really stupid and ridiculous one, and one that I really should be doing but I find brushing my teeth so booooring. I even have an electric toothbrush that tells me when the 2 minutes is up but it’s the longest 2 minutes of my life! I can’t believe I’ve actually pu
    t this online, but I guess I have to do it now…
  • Go to the gym more- Oh, what an original resolution Jodie… Well, in 2017 I also got into the gym and I loved the way it made me feel! I found I had so much more energy in the mornings and I miss that, and feeling good about myself. 2018 will be the year that I really make use of my gym membership, and stop wasting the money I spend on it!
  • Stop buying so many clothes- Basically, I spend too much money on clothes, I have too many clothes, and buying lots of clothes is bad. So that’s that really.

This is one of those word vomit posts, that I haven’t thought about. I literally saw something on Instagram and opened my laptop and stared typing. I just wanted to make the point (for myself, or for anyone else that might be down about being single) that THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP! You can be in a relationship that seems great from the outside but on the inside, you’re both unhappy, and ultimately you need to do what makes you happy. I really think it is important to be single, so you can make yourself happy without relying on anyone else.

I hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve, even if you’re snuggled on the sofa having a take-away. 2017, you’ve been fun, and see you soon 2018!

Cya 2017!

JMB xx


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  1. 30th December 2017 / 5:49 pm

    Yas Jodie!!! Amen to all of this

  2. 6th January 2018 / 4:19 pm

    Ah Jodie, I loved this blog post! I was literally the same in 2017 in thinking ‘this would be the year I finally find love” because I had just been thinking how fed up/bored I am of being single! I’m constantly reminded of being single and whenever I visit family they will always ask about my relationship status, to the point that I even said sorry because I still didn’t have anything to report. There is 100% more to life than a relationship, it can just take a while to see it sometimes! The relationship that should matter the most in life is the one you have with yourself imo. Happy New Year, hope you had a good one x

    Charlotte’s Road

    • Jodie
      16th January 2018 / 9:11 pm

      Only just seen your comment, but I couldn’t agree more! xxx

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