Self Confidence & Why Instagram Is Important To Me

I’m currently going through a stage of feeling huge and super insecure. I’m putting this down to getting my winter belly to keep me warm (like animals get their winter fur), but in reality I know it’s because of the carbs I’m constantly throwing down my throat. I definitely have those mornings before work where I try on 5 different outfits (before settling on my first one) and at the weekends I sometimes sit in my underwear, because it’s easier than choosing an outfit (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this), but despite this I still post an outfit photos on Instagram. Why? How? What’s the point? ‘You can’t really be that insecure if you can pose in front of a coloured wall and post it for the world to see?’ I hear you say.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, and I’ve come to the conclusion that putting a good outfit together is (kind of like) a piece of art. The finished piece of a thought process. Remember when you were a kid and you did a painting, then held it up and showed anyone that would look? I think it’s sort of similar. Sometimes when it’s taken me so long to find something I feel good in, I just want to show everyone! Is it fake? Maybe a little bit, but going through that process helps to remind me that every other girl goes through it too. I know me and my friends do it. We send outfit photos with slightly different combinations of shoes and tops, but we need that feedback to help us feel confident.

– Dress- Missguided via Asos | Bag- H&M | Flip flops- Havaianas

This brings me onto my main reason I think Instagram is important- to me anyway. When I’m having a really down day, where I just feel like staying in bed in my pjs and crying all day, I stop myself. I force myself to get dressed and get ready and not let it get the better of me. I take myself into London because I know that even if I feel crap while I’m getting ready, I know I will feel 10 times better once I’m out.

– Swimsuit- Topshop

Equally, if I feel fat and ugly, if I’m having a bad hair day, or it’f I’m generally just feeling crap, sometimes It’s just best to push through it and upload the photo. Doing this means you’ll really appreciate the likes and comments you do get. People do like my shoes. I don’t look as fat as I feel (because realistically, you can’t put on a stone overnight, can you?). This might sound super vain and narcissistic to a lot of people, but I know so many other girls on Instagram feel the same. Even if you post a photo you’re not sure about to see how it does, sometimes just gives you to boost you need when it does well!

– Dress- ASOS (similar) | Bag- H&M | Sandals- Topshop (similar) –

I’ve also started to realise that if you complain about something out you, and point out a flaw, it’ll just draw attention to it! For example, if I feel fat in something and keep moaning about it, people will start to see it, but if I totally ignore it and don’t draw attention to it, it won’t even cross their mind! I know it’s super hard to ignore, but the more you tell yourself it’s irrelevant, you’ll start to not even think about it! My first day on holiday I was the most self conscious I’ve probably ever been in my bikini, but the less I studied myself in the mirror, the less I cared and just concentated on getting a tan!

– Dress- New Look (via ASOS) | Sandals- Topshop (similar) –

Another reason why I feel that Instagram is important is the ‘internet friends’ you gain. You know, those girls that you’ve followed for years, and they’ve followed you for years. The girls that always like your posts and comment on them. The girls that reply to your tweets and Insta stories. Those girls are your biggest fans, that you’ll probably never meet but still refer to them as your ‘friend’.

What I’m trying to say is to just be that girl! If you like her dress, tell her! She might feel fat in it. If her hair looks good, tell her! She might be having a bad hair day.  If her brows are killer, tell her! Because everyone loves an eyebrow compliment. Reply to her insta story when she’s asking for advice, even if it’s about if the coat looks good or not. Even if you feel like a massive kiss arse, if it’s come from a good place, I’m pretty sure she will always appreciate it, because y’know…. girl power matters!



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