90s Camo

As the sun comes out, the only place I really want to be in on holiday next to a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, but alas, I’m still in the UK cracking out my pasty white legs at any opportunity I get.

Although living in Bournemouth in the sunnier months is the best, it’s not quite Greece. So as the old saying goes; if you can’t be next to the palm trees, BE the palm trees.
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Top- Asos | Dress- Topshop | Denim Jacket- Primark | Bag- Primark | Converse 

One second I was sitting in uni, staring out at the sun, and the next I was in my car on my way to the beach and I just don’t know how that happened…. In my defence, it was for research purposes but to be fair it did end up with Pimms and a  Harvester (I know, classy gal aye?).

Even since I started following Anna Heaton on Instagram I have been totally obessed with her and everything 90s, which is pretty evident in this outfit. If you don’t already follow her you defo should, as I’m constantly lusting over her wardrobe and checking her Asos picks daily.

I caved a few weeks ago and finally bought my first pair of black Converse (I don’t know how I managed to be an emo without then, although I did have a really lovely green pair…). Another 90s inspired piece was this slip dress. At first I really didn’t like the whole dress-over-a-top thing, but now I think it’s really cool and easy.

The day these photos were taken, while in town my friend actually noticed there was a big ol’ hole the bum of the dress (big bum problemz), So I had to quickly had to swap it over in Topshop. I accidentally picked it up in a bigger size which was miles bigger than the other so I’m going to have to get my nan to take it up a few inches. I really love this dress though, as it’s quite different from what I would normally go for. Topshop are doing loads of different colours and patterns in this shape dress that I may need to take a peek of.

JMB xx

(P.s- Let’s not talk about how long I’ve been missing)


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