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Here we are again, me summing up the past month in 9 photos, almost 2 weeks late! I’ve just come back to Bournemouth for my final ever term at uni and I’m both missing London already and never wanting uni to end!

NOVEMBER(from bottom right to top left)

1| A roadtrip around Dorset to Brownsea Island for Mother’s Day with my mum and nan when they came to visit me for the weekend.

2| A celebratory eggs florentine and tea after a big ass presentation (please note I also consumed my first Pims of the year before this at about 11am).

3| More food, this time in the form of 7 Bone which is definitely a must if you’re visiting Bournemouth!

4| The run up and release of The Last Shadow Puppets’ new album got be OBSESSED with the boys. Hurry up Glasto so I get so cry at how beautiful they are!

5|  Back in London and working off of Oxford Street means popping into Kaffeine for a trendy coffee.

6| I finally got to break lent and stuff my face with doughnuts (…more food, obviously).

7| A round mirror a copper pipes in The Riding House Cafe makes for a pretty toilet. We actually got our whole meal for free because they forgot about us and gave us burnt food. It was still delicious though…

8| Oh what’s that Jodie, pancakes..?

9| I got my hair cut the shortest my hair has been in years, and of course I hate it like most girls do when they first depart with a huge amount of hair. Fun fact: shortly after this I had a disaster with my old hairdresser which meant I had to pay an extra £90 to get it fixed and I now have pretty blonde hair…..

I have lots I want to blog about but feel like I have 0 time to do so because of my final few month at uni so please bare with me!

JMB xx


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