Insta Picks | February

So we’re in the third month of the year, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

February has had lots of ups and downs in it, but has definitely ended on a huge high as I’ve finally felt like myself again. I’ve also bought myself a pretty diary and I’m getting my life together, even if uni is suuuper stressful right now, and it’s all starting to get a bit too real…
(From bottom right to top left)

1 | There were a few birthdays this month so I ordered some cards off of the lovely Emily Coxhead (you can have a look at her stuff on instagram and etsy). Her work is the cutest, and she’s also working on The Happy Newspaper which is the best idea ever!

2 | I got this beautiful calendar from The Rifle Paper Co via Kate Lavie. I was expecting it to be a normal sized calendar but unfortunately it’s only teeny tiny. Never the less, it is still pretty and it’s nice to have a new print on my wall every month..

3 |  I managed to nap some TLSP tickets for July and I can’t wait to be reunited with my two fave boys!!

4 | Whilst back in London I wandered into H&M and fell for these leopard print boots. I managed to resist and walk away from them but now I’m defo on the hunt for a cheaper pair of killer cat boots!

5 | A visit to Columbia Road was obviously on the cards when I was home, which also resulted in a outfit post featuring the most amazing jeans, go and have a peak if you want to see them..

6 | I managed to loose Velvet Teddy a while ago so I admitted defeat and bought it again and I have missed it sooo much! My last post was a look into my MAC lipstick collection, so have a look at that too!

7 | My valentines was spent in uni, but the only valentine I needed was my little cousin Dexter.

8 | I’ve been getting super excited for Glastonbury this month, although the thought of watching Muse and Coldplay is making me doze off..

9 | The first and only night out of the month, I thought final year was supposed to be fun!!!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely month and stuffed your faces on pancake day and over valentines! I’ve currently given up chocolate and crisps for lent so I’m lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I WANT CHOCOLATE 🙁

JMB xx


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