Glastonbury 2015

As festival season is well and truly over, I thought I’d put together a few photos from Glastonbury earlier in the year.

Before this year I was a Glasto virgin so I obviously did all the touristy(?) things including having a photo in front of the Glastonbury sign, going up the ribbon tower and (the most magical of all) staying up till 5am to watch the sunrise at the sign. Nothing can beat walking back to the tent as the sun is rising, passing The Stone Circle as everyone is sitting around tens of camp fires. 11
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I wasn’t planning on making a post out of this otherwise I would of been taking photos of every corner of the festival to show you how much detail goes into it, and just how big and crazy it is. Looking back at all these photos just makes me want to smother myself in glitter…

Although the toilet situation did get a bit too much, and I lost everything in the depths of my tent on a daily basis, it’s just something you have to do and experience.

Until next year Worthy Farm…..

JMB xx


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