Birthday Brunching at No.11 Pimlico Road

Earlier in the month (the first day to be precise) I went for a birthday brunch at No.11 Pimlico Road, after reading about it whilst gushing over photos of it on Bonjour Luce’s post.

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I had such high hopes for this place but I felt really let down after it, especially as it was my birthday..

We arrived at about 11:25 (a little later than booked but we called ahead to let them know) and were rushed to our seats being told we had 2 minutes to order before the brunch menu finish, I understand that they have times attached to their menus but it did seem a little unnecessary as there was only 2 other tables of people in there who had already been served…

I ordered the Eggs Benedict but without the avocado, and Alfie ordered the Eggs Royale. They took quite a while to arrive, especially considering it was really quiet. My egg wasn’t runny at all and was cold, making me feel that it was precooked. Remember I asked for no avocado? well that was avocado in with my spinach which also points to being made. It was all laid on sourdough bread -rather than muffins which I would usually expect- which was really tough to eat, and even cut! The hollandaise sauce tasted okay, but again it was cold…

Overall the meal just didn’t seem fresh, something you would expect from a restaurant in Chelsea, especially when it’s pretty much empty. We also found the service quite bad. The staff were just cleaning and doing other jobs and didn’t ask us how our food was, or take our plates away from us. We even had to walk around and try to find someone to ask for the bill!

All this said, it’s a beautiful place, with all the décor inspiration you could want, making you feel like you’ve stepped into Pinterest. And of course I had to check out the toilets! I’m not totally put off by it, and I’d love to try another meal there. I imagine it might be a whole lot nicer if it was busier, so maybe dinner? After hearing such good things about it, it surely can’t be all bad?

JMB xx


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