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Okay so most of you should have moved in by now, or you’re about to. This post is dedicated to decorating your uni room. For me, decorating my rooms have always been important and a homely room makes it all so much nicer.

Your halls/landlord are going to be really strict about decorating, and at the end of the year you may get a big chunk of your deposit taken away from you all because of bluetac marks (note- white tac doesn’t help). I’ve also got a few tips on how to avoid this!

First year In Halls 10 1112

Second Year91314First of all, sorry about the shocking quality of the images but 2 years ago I didn’t expect I would be making something out of them. For the past few hours I’ve been looking through dozens of folders on my laptop trying to find some salvageable images.

I’m sure you can guess the theme- fairy lights and photos.

Throughout both first and second year I got some photos printed. I used different photo printing websites, so you get 100 prints for free on your first order (just google photo printing and they’ll come up). All you have to pay is the postage which is usually £1 or so..

On my first year you can see I stuck them on the side of my wardrobe and my wall. The wall stained from all the blue tac so they charged me for the whole wall to be repainted which was annoying. My first tip would be to stick photos to furniture not walls. It’s pretty easy to get rid of blue tac from furniture and it’s just a way to jazz them up. It’s sometimes nice to arrange the photos into shape (like a heart) or your initial to make it a bit more personal.

In my second year I learnt from my blue tac mistakes and came up with a different way to show off photos. I used some ribbon and stuck the photos to them then attached them to the wall using a pin. Although this made some small holes, the landlord didn’t mind half as much as using blue tac. Another nice way would be to have the ribbon horizontally and peg the photos on like a washing line. This looks especially cute with polaroids (again there’s loads of websites that’ll print your photos to look like polaroids like this one).

You’ll learn to take as many posters as you can from nights out, just to add SOMETHING to your place. We even ended up with an Amy Childs poster which had to be removed when younger siblings visited, and a bathroom decorated in club night posters.. I picked up my huge A1 map poster in second year from uni (you’ll probably have a little poster stall pop up during freshers) and I thought it just finished off my room nicely. For this, I used these command pads which are sort of like Velcro. They don’t leave a mark and hold a fair bit of weight so they’re perfect. I also got an Arctic Monkeys poster from HMV, I mean what room is complete without Alex Turner.

One of the easiest ways to make your boring room look cute is by using fairy lights. I’m sure your parents have a set that are lying around, or you can pick them up for about a tenner, depending on how long you want them. Primark are even selling cute lights but they’re usually battery powered which will run out super quick. And you can always rely on Urban Outfitters for some tumblr-esque lights. This year I’m going to totally deck my house with them. They’re perfect for the evenings when you don’t want the big light on but you want to be able to see each other, or if you’re having a party and need some mood lighting.

Other things that help to finish a room off is a pretty duvet cover, cushions, a warm cosy blanket (you’ll need it, trust me) and maybe a plant just to add a little life. Another thing I get obsessed with is candles so stock up on them too!

I’ve found a few images from Pintrest which are nice for inspiration.


I hope this helped to bring your bedroom to life, adding a bit of personality to a somewhat bland uni room!

JMB xx


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