The Brow Game

Seeing as the world of beauty has just gotten over going mad for brows, I though I would put together a little post on how I tame mine on a daily basis. My instagram is filled with perfect brows on a daily basis, so here’s my attempt of getting my brows on fleek (do we even know what that means yet?).2 3 1Sleek Brow Kit | Benefit Gimme Brow Gel | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow PomadeBarry M Angled Brush | Avon Spoolie Brush

1 | I usually start my brows after my base, just because I can’t do the rest of my face without any brows on! I first brush them into the right direction with this spoolie brush from Avon which was super cheap and cheerful (Avon is a catalogue ‘shop’ for those of you who don’t know, although I think they might be online now too!).

2 | With my Barry M angled brush, I then lightly cover both sides of it in the gel, then powder of the Sleek Brow Kit, before wiping off the excess on the side of it (which explains why it looks like a disguising mess!). In the past I’ve used the Benefit Brow Zings but I much prefer this, which a quarter of the price! I tend not to start at the front of my brow, but about a quarter of the way in which makes it look a bit more natural. Using short lines, I outline my brows from the bottom, and fill the rest of it in by brushing upwards, and then finally lining the arch and tail.

3 | If I have a bit more time on my hands, or I’m going out I will then take some Dipbrow onto my brush, wiping the excess off on the edge of the pot then paint it onto my hand. Doing this makes a lot easier to use, and stops it from going on too thick- although you are left with a brow patch on your hand.. I usually just use this on the arch and tail of my brow, to make them more defined.

4 | Gimme Brow has the most perfect little wand to set the brows into place. I wipe off the excess onto the top of the tube, then starting at the front, brush upwards then follow the brow round in the direction of the brow. Using this just sets it into place, and makes them look more natural, as it sticks to individual hairs. This is my third tube of it now, and I sadly haven’t found a cheaper alternative…

It’s probably a bit crazy that I spend so much time, money and products on my brows, but there’s no way your make up will look good when you’re having a bad brow day!

JMB xx


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