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Last Bank Holiday weekend, I headed to Reading Festival for the day, which I’m sure you would of guessed if you follow me on instagram. It was my first time at Reading and I couldn’t believe how tiny it was! After going to Glastonbury it felt tiiiiiny, and I couldn’t get over the fact you could see every stage or tent from one place! I can now understand why everyone says it’s nothing compared to Glasto! Another strange thing that I have never experienced before, it that it’s in the middle of a town unlike being on a farm, and a bit secluded (like Glasto and V Fest).

I decided to make a bit of a post out of what I wore, as it’s sometimes really difficult deciding what to wear for a festival, especially when it’s just for a day! 5 2 1 3 6 7 8Dungaree Playsuit- Monki via ASOS| Stripy Top- Primark | Rain Mac- Rains via Urban Outfitters | Converse 

Despite it being a miserable, rainy weekend, I decided to go for my white converse which someone seemed to stay somewhat white! The ground wasn’t too bad at all in the arena so I’m glad I didn’t opt for heavy wellies! I always like to wear Converse, as there’s no chance in them coming off it you get stuck in a crowd when you’re seeing someone!

I also decided to have my legs out, as I figured my skin will dry quicker than clothes if it rains! I really like the playsuit, it’s really easy to wear and the pockets are such a bonus (everyone loves a good pocket, right?). I brought my Rains mac along too, which I just tied onto my rucksack.

And of course I wore some glitter, any excuse for glitter and I’m there!

JMB xx


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