Favourite Summer Lips

I know I’m basically a season behind with this post as we’re sadly saying goodbye to Summer but I thought I would share with you what I’ve been reaching for this Summer to paint my lips with..

Looking at the top two photos, it makes me feel really uneasy at how similar they all are. I’m sure every girl is guilty with ‘needing’ a new lipstick which is practically identical to another one (or five) she already owns. However, hopefully you can see they are all different, and most definitely all ‘needed’ in the swatches photo.


1 2 3(From left to right)

MAC- Fanfare  | Soap and Glory- Man Trap | New Look- Deep Pink | MAC – Costa Rica| MAC- Vegas Volt | Rimmel- In Love With Ginger (660) | Topshop- Rio Rio

 Fanfare, MAC (Cremesheen) | This is a creamy pretty pink which is really wearable. Because it’s so moisturising it does stay a bit sticky but it lasts for ages. I usually grab this when I want more of a subtle lip. It also smells amazing (alike all the other MAC lipsticks) which is an added bonus.

Man Trap, Soap and Glory | This is a deeper, darker pink but its definitely not too dark for daytime. It sits really nicely on your lips, giving off the nicest smell and it lasts all day. One thing I like about it is that it’s thick enough to not need a lip liner, and it doesn’t bleed out like some other lipsticks do.

Deep Pink, New Look | I bought this lipstick, along with a lip liner to go with it on a whim. I had no knowledge that New Look even had a make up line, let along what it was going to be like so I was pleasantly surprised. I would describe it as a ‘your lips but better’ but with a tiny hint of mauve. Unlike the others, it doesn’t really have a smell which is good for those who don’t like a sent to their makeup. It’s long lasting and thick but creamy which makes a lovely formula. It’s definitely worth having a little swatch at these lipsticks whenever you’re next in store. It’s probably also the cheapest from this list, and with student discount, what’s not to love?

Costa Rica, Mac (Frost) | I bought this last year when I left Costa Coffee as a sort of goodbye to it (although I have no doubt that I’ll end up working there again). I’m really into orange lips which I’m sure you can tell. It’s in a Frost finish which supposedly is shimmery but I don’t think I agree with that. I’ve really gone off this but I thought I would still include it as it was a staple of mine last year. I would say the colour is a mixture of light orange and light pink. I remember it sticking to my lips a lot so I would say use a good lip scrub before applying this one. This is another one with no sent at all.

Vegas Volt, Mac (Amplified) | I picked this one up in duty free this year and it was my holiday staple lip. I found it really wearable and creamy and not drying at all. I would say this was an orange with a hint of red, but at the same time it isn’t particularity bright/noticeable (if that makes sense?).  Again, it has no scent. I would definitely recommend this colour and finish.

In Love With Ginger, Rimmel | I loooove this colour, and writing this post has reminded me about it so I’m going to try and get some wear out of it before the sun has disappeared. It’s definitely my brightest orange, again with a hint of red. It has a very subtle scent, which isn’t overpowering at all. It’s not as moisturising as the others so I would recommend a good lip scrub before just to be safe!

Rio Rio, Topshop | I was given this lipstick a few months ago. It was tipped as Alexa Chung’s red and I can confirm it is a pretty prefect red. If you’re not totally sold on the colour I’m sure it’s beautiful white and gold packaging would win you over. I think the packaging was a special edition for Topshop Beauty’s birthday but I’m sure you can still get your hands on this shade. It’s really wearable with a subtle shade. With a lot of the other Topshop lipsticks, they wear off fairly easy but on the bright side it doesn’t stick to your lips and dry them out!

This was a bit of a long, and very word heavy post but I hope you enjoyed it and that I have inspired/enabled you to go shopping! I’m planning on doing an Autumnal themed lip post in a few weeks, so look out for that!

JMB xx


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