Insta Picks | August

August has been a pretty long and dare I say it, boring month which mainly consisted of eating, sleeping, and trying to figure out who A is- and what a let down that was. I know to most of you working people that sounds like a dream, but I hate having nothing to do, and no social life as all my friends have moved back home or are working..

I have had a little bit of excitement, with a day at Reading, early birthday celebrations and maybe the most exciting- relaunching JMB!

My instagram from this month has mainly been reminiscing the past few months with lots of throwbacks, but when I have been doing things, this is what I’ve been doing…


(From bottom right to top left)

1 | Doing my first long(ish) drive to Ongar with my nan, all in aid of a roast dinner with this view (which FYI, wasn’t very nice).

2 | Brunching alfresco (in the rain, obviously) before taking a few outfit photos.

3 | Relaunching my little corner of the web- I hope you’re liking it’s new look!

4 | When you can’t choose, buy both! Velvet Teddy and Retro and helping me build up my MAC collection- blog posts to follow!

5 | Cookie dough milkshake… who needs a summer body when you haven’t got a beach to sit on?!

6 | Finally getting a little fury friend, after 21 years of asking every at birthday and Christmas for a cat by adopting this little missy, Jasmine as her owners kicked her out.

7 | A trip to Brick Lane to visit the H&M pop up shop (which was totally naff, apart from the free ginger beer).

8 | Loosing my Reading virginity and seeing The Libertines!

9 | Feeling like a 15 year old again, hanging out in Camden before pre-birthday celebrations!

JMB xx


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