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As I mentioned in my Summer Insta Picks, here is the post on paradise that I promised..

Way back when in June I visited Rhodes in Greece with my family and I had the loveliest time. When some people go on holiday they like to just sit by the pool for a week and not do anything, however I love going on excursions, visiting places you’ll never visit again. We took a trip to a tiiiiny island called Chalki.

WARNING: This post may give you holiday blues.

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When the rep told us about Chalki she explained it as being a totally non-commercial working island, meaning no tourists. We all snigger at the irony in that, but when we arrived it was just like that. The locals all seemed to sit up in their seats when our boat pulled in, each restaurant trying to pull us in.

We had a delicious lunch in a little place by the harbour then made our way to one of the beaches. It was only big enough for about 15 sunbeds and we pretty much had it to ourselves which was perfect. These photos don’t do it justice as to how beautiful it really was.

If you ever have a chance to visit here, or any other tiny islands off of Greece I would totally recommend it before they get discovered, and taken over by dozens of  shops selling tea towels, ash trays and the usual holiday tat.

JMB xx


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