Holiday Floral Throwback

I’m currently in that sad limbo part of the summer where you have nothing to do, but in my case, not enough time to do anything productive (like work) as I’ll be heading back to uni in about a month. I’ve taken to looking through all my holiday photos whenever I’m bored, so you’ll be seeing a few more posts which include sunshine and the sea…

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Top- Zara | Short- Zara | Sandals- New Look | Bag- Primark| Sunglasses- Asos

I put my Zara two piece top together with my new shorts on a win and I think they look really cool together. The rust colour of the top matches the shorts almost perfectly and it’s such a nice colour for summer when you have a tan.

I wore his outfit at Glastonbury too which worked really well together as in the evening I just ended up layering myself with jumpers and my raincoat, still showing the shorts for a bit of detail. Whoever said they don’t care what they look like at a festival was lying….

I also really liked my hair here. I never have just a ponytail but on holiday you can’t be dealing with your hair everywhere and I thought it actually looked really cute, and it’s been go to hair-do recently.

JMB xx


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