Long time, no blog | Summer Insta Picks

A lot has happened in the time JMB has been away, including PASSING MY DRIVING TEST FIRST TIME!!!!!, going to Glastonbury and having 2 holidays (which has resulted in me looking so much healthier with a tan!). With all my time off I’ve gained some content for blog posts which you’ll hopefully be seeing soon. Here’s some of the highlights from my Summer, because let’s face it, Summer is almost on it’s way out…


(From bottom right to top left)

1. Seeing Blur for £2.50 in Hyde Park, and christening my new rain mac..

2. In rainy Brighton to support my dad doing the London to Brighton cycle.

3. Going to the most perfect little island called Chalki whilst in Rhodes (blog post in the making).

4. A delicious Shake Shack whist picking up last minute bits for Glastonbury.


6. Duck and Waffle for Alfie’s birthday (post from last time I was there is here).

7. On the beach in Turkey… take me back.


9. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea for a friend’s 21st brirthday.


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