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May has seen me leave my year placement, pass my theory (third time lucky!), celebrating 3 years with Alfie and buying my first car! Not really sure how another month can top that, although I am jetting off on holiday tomorrow then heading to Glastobury a the end of the month!


(From bottom right to top left)

1. Spending the day in Sloan Square visiting The Saachi Gallery for the first time and posing in front of someone’s house for a OOTD post to celebrate the two piece that broke my bank account.

2. Finally venturing through the Smeg at The Breakfast Club to their secret bar.

3. Finding my favourite quote while on my way to the Electric Cinema with work for my leaving do.

4. The day I had been waiting a decade for, S-CLUB 7!! The most magical day which almost made me cry so many times (I cry at anything)…

5. Spending the weekend in sunny Brighton looking deep in thought on the pier.

6. Celebrating 3 years with Alfie,which involved our first spa experience!

7. Wearing my favourite LBD in front of a cool wall.

8. A pretty view from my desk in London.

9. Buying and picking up Melvin (the car not the cat)!

Oh May, what a lovely 31 days you’ve been. It’s not often I say this but a lot of really exciting things have happened and I’m sort of sad to say goodbye to it!

JMB xxx


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