Insta Picks | April

Another month down, means another month closer to requiring a beach body, and I am for sure not beach body ready…APRIL(From bottom right to top left)

1. Going to the Ideal Home Show with my gals and eating as many free samples as possible.

2. The week of sun got to us, and led us to spending a Friday night sat by Greenland Dock drinking Pimms on a bench looking at this view of London (classier than vodka I guess?)…

3. A summery dress to match the summery weather, that’s definitely disappeared.

4. A trip to Nottingham to be reunited with cheap drinks for a girly night out.

5. A photo-booth is always a good idea.

6. Visited the new Lush store on Oxford Street which is filled with all the white tiles, mini potted plants and copper pipes you could dream of.

7. Giving my heels a trip outside, going outout for a birthday.

8. A little quote for the week.

9. How much monochrome is too much monochrome?

JMB xxx


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