It Was All Orange

Yesterday me and Alfie took a trip to Sloan Square and visited the Saachi Gallery. I’ve been dying to go for months ever since the instagram spam of the giant ants and the room of oil. Unfortunately we discovered that the ant exhibition had closed about an hour before we arrived which was gutting but we (Alfie not so much so) enjoyed it nether the less..1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 111

Top- Zara | Trousers- Zara | Jacket- Topshop | Hat- Topshop | Sandals- Primark |Bag- Topshop

Okay so first up, I did one of those bloggy things where you stand in front of someone’s house (and on their steps) and prance around like you live vaguely in the area when in fact it took you almost an hour to get there. I’ve done it once and I’ll probably do it in the future but how can you not when your outfit matches the pretty street. Apologies to number 12.

How amazing is this outfit? It may have broke my bank a little but I feel like it was justifiable, somehow.. Despite it not being very summery, I love the colour of it and how the two pieces look together. The trousers aren’t too cropped and the top isn’t too big. Everything is perfect (even if I had to go braless for the day #freethenipple).

I’m heading to the hairdressers on Friday to go blonde so this may be the last time you see me as a brunette for a while! Hopefully I will also be popping up on your feeds with new posts a bit more when I finish my placement in a few weeks. I feel like it takes over and makes me so uninspired! I have no idea how successful bloggers with full time jobs do it, hats off to you all!

JMB xxx


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