Insta Picks | March

Another instagram post, another month down. Being in April means we’re over a quarter of our way into the year and that’s so scary! This month has been filled with a few outings and outfit posts, and lots of visits to the gym.
MARCH(From bottom right to top left)

1. Spending the first day of the month buying pretty flowers at Columbia Road flower market.

2. Being surprised after work with Adidas Originals after searching for my size for months (although they heartbreakingly don’t fit).

3. Hungover country sunset accompanied by a monster burger.

4. Bringing out my trusty sliders on that ‘heatwave weekend’ that wasn’t really a heatwave.

5. The best thing to happen to fashion- Zoolander at Paris Fashion Week.

6. Making use of the unlimited drinks in Five Guys (and definitely didn’t sneak some alcohol into it).

7. The motto of the month. Booking a holiday and Glasto means this year I really do need a summer body.

8. Saying that, last weekend was a tragic cheat weekend. Back to the drawing board…

9. Fresh sheets and nails, all curtsey of Primark.

JMB xx


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