An 8am Breakfast Date at Duck and Waffle

Yesterday morning saw a 5:45am wake up which isn’t top of everyone’s wish lists for a Saturday morning but I didn’t give it a seconds thought as I was off to Duck and Waffle! After reading Curious London’s post about her breakfast there I couldn’t get the thought out of my head as I am the biggest fan of breakfasts, so when it turned out Alfie was working a late shift on Valentines Day we jumped at the chance!1 7 6 5 4 3 2If you speak to anyone who visits, they’ll mention the lift to you. Duck and Waffle is on the 40th floor and you get up there in about a minute (0r under, I wasn’t timing) and you’ll definitely feel your belly turn and ears pop! Even while sitting up there you feel the pressure in your head so I’m not sure how the staff cope!

Every inch of the restaurant was perfectly beautiful,even the toilets! It was classy but not over the top posh, but fun and quirky. It didn’t make you feel under dressed or overdressed and which made your visit all that more comfortable. The staff were faultless too, happy to do anything including move you if you’re not happy with your spot but not pushy in the slightest, which can definitely ruin your experience…

 I ordered the toffee apple waffle with cinnamon ice cream and honeycomb, and Alfie got the famous duck and waffle with mustard maple syrup. They were both spot on and faultless and I’m still craving it! The portions were just the right size- nothing worse than getting a tiny posh plate,or a huge plate piled up! We both got freshly squeezed orange juice which was also amazing, I got an earl grey and Alfie got a double macchiato which he wouldn’t stop talking about.

Now onto the world famous view… We first got sat in a booth but moved to a window seat when it became free and we couldn’t stop looking out trying to spot places we know. I’ve been to a lot of viewing spots (The London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Shard, The Eiffel Tower..) but this beat them all hands down,  We wasn’t overly lucky with the weather as fog kept sweeping over, so in perfect sunshine the view must be insane!

I would 100% recommend visiting and it’s well worth the money. I can’t wait for my next visit and tasting a different dish! Hope you all had a lovely valentines- single or taken! If there’s any restaurants with a view that you love let me know!

JMB xx


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