Paris In A Few Days | 2014 Trip

Last March (nearly a year ago) Alfie and I visited Paris for the first time. We spent 3 nights there staying in Mama Shelter which is a little trendy hotel just a bit out of central Paris but still easy to get in and out of.

As I mentioned in my last post, and on instagram and twitter ALOT, we’re heading there again in 2 weeks (although it sadly wont be as warm and sunny as it was last year). In fact, in 2 weeks time I’ll be rubbing shoulders with Mickey and Minnie! Here are a few snaps of our trip last year..1 2 3 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13Paris can seem a bit overwhelming with the feeling of having to do and see everything in a short amount of time so I’ve put together a few tips I learnt from my trip last year..

  • Do get a metro travel card for your whole trip there, it makes exploring a whole lot quicker, easier and cheaper than cabs. I totally fell in love with them by the end of the trip and it’s hard not to with their romantic art nouveau signs at the subways. Also, do get an metro app to help you get around, it’ll save you!
  • Do make your own picnic lunch and eat next to the Eiffel Tower, finishing off with a pancake or waffle from the stalls which will result in a face covered with nutella.
  • Do hire a bike. As I mentioned in my Brugge post I think it makes a huge difference to wizz around at your leisure taking in the city. Metros are all well and good but you can’t see much as your travelling. There’s a Borris Bike type scheme over there which means you can take a bike and leave it almost anywhere. Don’t keep them for too long though or you’ll be left with a hefty bill.
  • Do find the love lock bridge and don’t put your lock on the wrong bridge. We made the mistake of putting our lock on the first bridge we saw with locks (which turns out to be every bridge in Paris) which compared to the real one at the Notre Dame, looks terribly empty. Do try and find your lock at the end of your trip/and try and find it every time you go back.
  • Do eat as much bread and pastries as you can, and do drink red wine. I don’t like red wine but it’s so good there you can drink it without pulling a screw face. Following that, do leave it to air if you’re buying it for your picnic, otherwise it’s gross.
  • Do see the Mona Lisa. Yes it’s underwhelming when you get there but you only have to go once to say you’ve seen it. The Louve also gives discounts to those under 23 and if I remember right, if you’re from the UK or Europe- don’t hold me to that though.
  • Do go right to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but do pre-book your ticket so you’re not having to queue for a few hours watching the perfect sunset leaving the sky.
  • Do make a visit to Laduree and spend enormous amounts of money on the best macaroons in the world. I also picked up a set of candles, which I wont repeat how much I paid, but they smell amazing and look beautiful so it’s all okay. I was pretty heartbroken to find there’s one in Covent Garden too, but it obviously isn’t the real deal…

As I mentioned in my last post, and on instagram and twitter ALOT I’m heading there again in 2 weeks. In fact, in 2 weeks time I’ll be rubbing shoulders with Mickey and Minnie! We’re heading there the weekend after Valentines, mainly for Disney Land but spending the first day in Paris (although it wont be as warm and sunny as last year). We’re planning to spend our first day doing the things we missed out on last year, like doing Champs Elysees properly and climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe which totally blew us away. Another trip I’m dying to make is Sephora. I have a little list of things I want although I feel like it wil be really intimidating and I’ll leave empty handed…

Hope these tips help if you’re planning on visiting any time soon, or even if you’re visiting a different city!

JMB xx


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