2014 | What I Did

As 2014 has come to an end it seemed only right to do a post looking back at the year. Although I’ve been posting on this little space of the internet for just over a year now, it wasn’t till the start of 2014 that I started posting proper posts, and it look till the end of the year to start posting ‘regularly’, although that hasn’t been a thing for the past few weeks.

1 | I brought 2014 in with Alfie and a few friends, which was our third year of being together. Crazy.12 | I started AND stopped posting outfit posts in front of the same brick wall… And my hair changed quite a bit.2I got a lot more confident in myself and what I wore. I know it sounds cheesy but when you’re confident in yourself it really shows and starting this blog has really helped me. If YOU think you look alright, OTHER PEOPLE will probably think you do too!

3 | I had a few little city breaks.3At the start and the end of the year Alfie and I visited Paris and Belgium after snapping up a couple of deals. We were only gone a few nights on both occasions but you don’t need long to do all the touristy stuff. Out of both, we definitely preferred Belgium over Paris, mainly because we didn’t have any expectations unlike the huge expectations of Paris. I can’t recommend discovering a city you know nothing about enough! If you didn’t see my various posts on Brugge and Brussels you can catch up with them now! Although I didn’t post about Paris I have millions of photos from the trip I may come back to them at some point, especially after the successes of the Belgium posts!

4 | I saw some of my favourite artists live.4If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m the biggest AM fan, and seeing them for the 5th time at Finsbury Park was one of the best gigs I’ve been too and without a doubt a highlight of my year. Other bands/artists I saw this year included The Libertines and Jamie T, not to mention all thier support acts. I’ve already got 3 gigs booked for next year, one being S-Club 7!!

5 | Being a mermaid for the BU Summer BallEvery summer my uni have a summerball where everyone dresses in fancy dress. Being the girls that we are we of course wanted to use as much glitter and colour makeup as possible w2hilst still looking pretty- a mermaid was the only answer…

6 | I moved back home to start my placement year.5Since July I have been living back at home making the dreaded hour and a half commute every day. I work as a digital designer at Fourdot, which design and make specifically shaped number plates to fit the recess of a car, and then adding a chosen design around the reflective, It’s very hard to explain without lots of photos, so have a look at the website because it’s pretty cool (and totally legal)!

7 | I made it to 21– that means I’m an adult right?!…Crap!98 | I had my most successful ice skate EVER (meaning I didn’t touch the sides for 2 laps)!6Looking back at the year makes one of the crappiest and hardest year not look so bad. You need the bad things to happen to make the good things shine out, and these are the things that did. Hope you all had a good 2014, but a better 2015!

JMB xx


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  1. 13th January 2015 / 10:45 pm

    I absolutely love this post & I really enjoy your style. Hope you have an even better year. X

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