Insta Picks | November

Another month down, and it appears to be the last month of the year! Here’s my Instagram of November (ignore the fact it’s a week late) which made me realise I have hardly blogged OR ‘gramed this month. That’s probably because I haven’t had a bunch of snaps from Belgium to post at my leisure….NOVEMBER(From bottom to top)

1. Remember remember the 5th of November. Having fun with sparklers and dodging fireworks in the garden

2. A cheeky throwback from Brussels

3. A pretty sunset, making the mornings better

4. Finding a Yankee Candle shop and not leaving without the smell of Christmas

5. Meeting up with my uni pals and feeling Christmassy at The Natural History Museum

6. Trying to ice skate at Somerset House

7. Finishing a day of ‘Christmas’ shopping with my first time at Franco Manca

8. My last blog post on my Black Friday steal

9. Breaking into my new monkstrap shoes


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