Last Day In Brussels

I’ve been holding off this last post on my trip to Brussels because I’m still gutted that I’m in London and not exploring somewhere new, and partly (mainly) because I’ve been super busy recently! On our last (half) day we firstly had a stroll down to a little cafe we had seen which had been really busy the whole time we were there, and apparently they serve mochas in small bowls…?1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9We then got the train and tram (by this point we had aced public transport) to the Atomium which is an iron(?) atom made billions of times bigger. We wasn’t initially going to visit it because we wasn’t sure if we had enough time, but for some reason we gained an hour while there so we took the meter a second lift- the quickest in Europe) to the top ball, and the sun came out!! The Atomium is one of those things that take your breathe away. It’s just so huge and amazing in the middle of nowhere! The contents of the balls were slightly boring and disappointing but that didn’t take anything away from it. I think there is also a few balls which can be rented out- how amazing would it be to have a party there?! The last destination of the trip wouldn’t be complete without a last waffle would it?!

I’ve had loads of new followers and likes on my recent posts on Belgium so it seems they’re going down well, so thank you to everyone who reads them or even just looks at the photos! I’m really going to try and post more but it’s so hard this time of the year when you’re never actually home when it’s light…

JMB xx



  1. 21st November 2014 / 10:35 pm

    Love you blog!! 🙂 ! Would be fab if you could take a peep at my blog too – I’m new to all this. Chloe xx

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