The Libertines at Ally Pally

Last night I took myself to Alexander Palace to see The Libertines for the first time with my obsessed boyfriend. Here are a few snaps I took in between the pushing and shoving…1 2 3 4 5Because The Libertines have such a massive cult following I have to admit I felt a little guilty to be there as I have never been in that following. Yes, I have always liked them but I have never obsessed over them like the girls that were crying over them last night.

Despite all that they were AMAZING live and I had a dance and jump around at the songs I knew, my favourite definitely being ‘What Katie Did’ and of course ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’. The boys looked like they were having so much fun which always adds to the night, although I have no idea how they had that much energy on their third night on the trot (that’s a lie of course I know…).



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