Green Floral and White Jeans

Yep, it’s true, this really is my second blog post in a week! This morning I detached my boyfriend from bed at 7am to take some photos, so apologies for the tired eyes!1 2 3 4Top- Primark | Jeans- Primark | Sliders- H&M | Backpack- Urban Outfitters

This was just a quick and simple outfit for work today and also catered for each climate I would of faced during the day- cold on the way to work, hot tubes, cold air con, hot tubes again- the worst mistake anyone can make is wearing too much while commuting and sweating so much it looks like you’ve been caught in the rain..

My outfit is pretty much all Primark. I bought these jeans months ago which I blogged about here. As much as I love them their fit and material just isn’t great. they’re super tight on my legs (I had imprint marks on my legs when I took them off from the stitches and creasing) but loose around my hips and constantly fall down! I’m unsure if I want to get some white Leigh jeans from Topshop (my ‘go-to’ cut) as Summer is on it’s way out so who knows how much longer this trend will stick around?!

You may also remember these sliders from this blog post when they gave me the most horrific blisters I’ve ever had in my life. After seeing other girls in the same situation as me I decided to break them in and they’re actually pretty comfy now, with plasters of course! I like how my sliders, bag and top bring the whole outfit together!

I bought this backpack during exam season as I was lugging so much around I couldn’t deal with it all! I absolutely love it and I think it’s real leather so it’ll last me a good while I hope! I love how simple and versatile it is although I do feel like a bit of a kid when I wear it. Another thing I like about it is it has a little zip at the back against your back for phones and cards so there’s no way of anyone taking them, as pick pocketing is always an issue when living in london!



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