Mom Jeans & Sliders

This morning me and my boyfriend went for brunch so I just threw on some clothes to go into town with… 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 7

Top- Miss Selfirdge | Jeans- H&M | Sliders- H&M | Belt- Topshop | Sunglasses- Beyond Retro

After picking up this cute vintage looking belt in the Topshop sale yesterday I can finally wear my mom jeans! I bought some a while back from Topshop but ending up taking them back soon after as they just didn’t fit right. I now fully understand the comfort in mom jeans and why they’re a staple in everyone’s wardrobe! I thought the bleached denim was perfect for those summer days when you’re not quite summer ready with smooth legs or it’s not hot enough to get your legs out!

I found these sliders in H&M and I feel in love. Unfortunately I could only find a 6.5 which is half a size too big for me- when the hell did the high street start doing half sizes anyway?!- but I bought them anyone because well, how could I not? They’re really comfortable although after a few minutes on they started to rub, leaving me with some gross blisters. Hopefully they just need breaking in to?

I love how this outfit gives out 90’s vibes, when camel toes were cool. Being a baby at the time I missed out on the fashion then and I’m sure there wasn’t many babies in mom jeans and sliders but hats off to you if you did. I feel like I’m from My Mad Fat Diary or something, all I need now is an oasis gig to go to…



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