The Pastel Coat Triplets

I’m back after what feels like forever with a post which was photographed just before I left uni for the Easter. I had every intention of posting it but every time it crossed my mind I seemed to find a reason not to. With my exams fast approaching I felt as if I needed a break from all the revision (I say that like I’ve done a lot..).

As a student house of 4 girls and 1 boy shopping is our biggest problem. We seem to love all the same stuff and as soon as one person orders something online everyone else decides to treat themselves too! This post is about everyone’s Spring obsession- pastel coats.1 2 3 4 5


Coat- Depop, Jumper- Missguided, Jeans- Asos, Boots- Vagabond


Coat- Topshop, Top- Dorephy Perkins, Jeans- Topshop, Trainers- Nike


Coat-Fabric Boutique, Top- Topsop, Jeans- Topshop, Trainers- Nike

For Spring we all ditched the boring black leather jackets for a pop of colour with these perfect coats which give you an instant outfit, although if we were all heading out together it was essential to prearrange what we were wearing or we’d end up looking like a row of cupcakes or some sort of sweet..

We each paired the coats with pretty simple outfits underneath in an attempt to not looking too bright and it was quite interesting playing about, finding out what did and didn’t go. With my outfit I feel like the top is the limit with how loud my outfit could be as the pink in the top matches the coat. My trainers nicely pull the outfit all together with the blue from my jeans and the pink lace holes with my top and coat (although not too clear in the photos).

Georgia stuck with simple black jeans and boots with a pastel jumper which all worked really nicely with the coat, giving a cute spring outfit, where it’s not warm enough to dress overly bright. I like the way her coat makes more of a statement against the black.

Alice again went very simple with her outfit, putting the emphasis all on her coat and shoes which look really cute together. The plain white top against her washed out jeans are the perfect base to any outfit with the trainers giving it more of an edge, but still keeping it girly with the white frilly socks. The coat is the statement item for sure and works really well.

Each coat is slightly different in length and shape which I really like, giving them more character. What was your spring coat and how did you style it?



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