Model’s Own Speckled Egg in Goose

Ever since Model’s Own had introduced their Speckled Egg range on twitter I knew I had to get my hands (or nails) on them although much to my disappointment they weren’t available to  buy for what seemed like forever. On my way to work a few weeks ago I popped into Boots on what happened to be their release day, so of course I had to buy one! At first I was pretty unsure on which colour to get as they didn’t look great on the shelf which I think was mainly down to the lighting on the unit and in store. After walking away and finding myself walking back to them a few times I finally decided to go ‘Goose’ which is the yellow shade. To begin with I was going to go with the blue or pink but went for the yellow as I’d been wanting to get into yellow for a while and I wasn’t disappointed.. 1 2Models Own Speckled Egg collection

As a first timer using Model’s Own nail varnish, I was quite impressed with it. This is how it looks after just 2 coats although I did miss some patches as I applied it quite quickly (please excuse my stumpy nails). It dried fairly well and didn’t take too long which is a very important thing as all girls will know seeing as you seem to need to do everything when you’ve just painted your nails.

I haven’t applied a top coat or a base coat, which I admit is a bad habit as I know it’ll last longer with both! I’ve used this varnish once before although I took it off fairly soon after as it didn’t match my outfit so I can’t really say how well it lasts. An annoying, but expected thing is that it is hell taking it off alike when you use glitter varnishes.

Overall I really like this nail varnish and I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more colours as they are for sure a perfect for Easter and Spirng!



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  1. 3rd April 2014 / 2:57 pm

    Looks great! This reminds me of the Robins Eggs that come out for Easter (chocolate malt candies 🙂 )

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