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As I’m sure most of you will know the weather in England has been rotten recently, so I think everyone was surprised at this glorious sun we have had recently! Sun in March means the start of my favourite month- Spring!

Spring means Easter (therefore lots of chocolate), blossoming trees and pretty flowers including tulips in brown paper (I don’t know what it is about the brown paper that makes them so much more irresistible), The weather is also amazing (fingers crossed) as it’s sunny enough to hide your face with ridiculous sunglasses and just about get away with going out in a light jacket! Walking to and from uni today was super pretty, and seeing everyone sitting on the grass chatting got me excited for the summer and sunbathing!

This post features my first Spring inspired outfit.1 2 3 Coat- Topshop |  Jumper- H&M | Joni jeans- Topshop | Skater shoes- Topshop | Sunglasses- Topshop

Typing out my outfit details a clear pattern is visible- TOPSHOP! I blame my boyfriend’s discount card entirely considering I only owned the odd Topshop sale items a few years back although my bank balance isn’t thanking me…I’m going to keep this brief as I’m sure you’ve seen half of these items flying about as their are pretty much staple items in the blogging world now!

Because the sun has decided to come back I thought it was only fair I wear something other than black, so I went back to my pink coat. I forgot how comfy it was, and it’s just the right weather to wear it now (pretty sure I said it would be a good coat for Spring in my first OOTD post?!). After falling back in love with it, it’ll be definitely  be accompanying me to Paris at the end of the month.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I have a love/hate relationship with working in town, as every time I work I end up in some sort of shop spending money that I’m about to earn. It’s not good. I’ve never been a HUGE fan of H&M but working next to it has made it grow on me. I popped in there on Tuesday to find this beautiful jumper. It was a bargain at £14.99 and amazing quality with a beautiful knit and perfect fit. It’s a dirty pastel pink(?) which is a typical Spring colour. I paired it with a necklace for Miss Selfridge.

It upsets me to say this but the sun coming out makes me feel monochrome will go to bed until the clouds come back. Wearing these black and white skater shoes keeps monochrome slightly alive and also gives more of a chic look to my outfit. Skater shoes are getting bigger and bigger with everywhere doing their own styles and it’s very tempting to invest in all of them!

Hope you enjoyed my bright OOTD



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  1. 14th March 2014 / 2:36 am

    You look cozy and springy at the same time! I SO wish I had a fun pink coat like this! I think I’ll get one next fall 🙂

    P.S. I’d love it if you would visit my blog, Sarah’s Real Life!

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