I Wanna Be Yours Alex

Recently I’m been stuck on what to blog about although desperate to blog! I have decided to share with you some of my photos I took at Earls Court Arena in October when I saw Arctic Monkeys.

I would count myself as a pretty big fan, which is why I couldn’t resist seeing them on both nights in my home town of London.

I have previously seen the boys at V festival and the 02 Arena, but Earls Court was by far the best, probably because it was the first time I had ever been mere metres away from the god which is Alex Turner. I got completely separated from my friends on the first night, almost loosing my shoes and looking like I was about to give birth- what’s the point in being close enough to be noticed by them when you look like such a state?!

The support act were The Strypes, a young boy band ranging from the ages of 16-18 years old. They’re inspiration comes from 60’s blues and 70’s pub rock which could really been felt in their performance. I feel they did a really good job of warming up the huge venue for Arctic, especially seeing as they are fairly small in the industry right now. I enjoyed them, and you could tell they enjoyed it too, maybe more so because of their age.

As the slow beat of ‘Do I Wanna Know’ began, a rumble of excitement raced through the crowd as everyone knew what was about to happen. Alex Turner, followed by the rest of the band filled the stage and kept everyone moving for the next hour and a half. My personal favourites of the night included; ‘Pretty Visitors’, ‘Snap Out Of It’ and not forgetting ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ which consisted of falling confetti, leaving you tattooed with it for the rest of the night. A flare was even on the first night which made it extra special.

Their newest album ‘AM’ had a lot of mixed reviews but I feel like their influence of R&B in it gave them a different sound from their previous albums which was a nice change. After hearing it on repeat for a good week I was looking forward to seeing how they sounded and felt live and I was not disappointed. Seeing the new songs live made me fall in love with them all over again. ‘AM’ shows how much they have matured as artists, and I can only see them getting better.

Not playing the famous encore song ‘505’ was a risky move, but one I feel they had to make, as it was getting too obvious and in my eyes over played and out dated. I believe it should be kept an old jem which they bring out for special occasions.

I also came out with a few goodies for myself, including a T-Shirt, poster, tote bag and a beautiful photo newspaper.

If you went let me know how you found it, what you thought of The Strypes and your views on Arctic ditching ‘505’!






(All photos are my own and can be found on my instagram- jodie_louise93)


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