So it’s been a while. 4 months in fact and the year has even changed. I’ve graduated, got an actual proper grown up job and adopted a rabbit so a lot has happened.

I miss blogging so much, but it’s hard, really hard, well, to be a **fashion** blogger it is anyway. Back in the day when I relaunched JMB (and spent a whole lot of money doing so) i had 3 posts scheduled to go live weeks in advance. What happened? I moved back to uni and went through a break up, meaning I lost my ‘Instagram husband’.

Skirt (similar)- Bershka | Bodysuit- ASOS | Coat- Boohoo | Scarf- Primark | Heels- New Look

When you don’t live with your mum, you’re single, your friends don’t have the patience for you to get enough photos and find the perfect light, put on weight through comfort eating your way through uni and have no money to buy clothes, blogging is almost impossible. There was the odd post that went up, from an impromptu day out with a friend, or family weekend away but other than that I have failed and I definitely shouldn’t still have the link to my blog on Instagram.

It’s also difficult to blog because whether we like it or not, blogging is dying. You can post your ootd on Instagram, but what’s going to make someone click on the post to see more photos of the same outfit? Unless you do that annoying blogger thing of not tagging where something is from and only putting a link on the post. Or if you have a lot of amazing things to say, and the photos just go alongside that. I certainly don’t have anything interesting to say. Another thing is that there are so many AMAZING bloggers out there, pushing the boundaries that nobody will really care about another girl, wearing a similar outfit who doesn’t have a K in her Instagram follow count.

This is one of these blog posts that don’t really mean anything to anyone, but I just felt that I needed to write it. Maybe to give a pat on the back to all those bloggers who blog no matter what, or to just give myself a kick up the backside and carry on with my so-called hobby.

Hope to see you again soon…

JMB xxx


A few weeks back (yep, another very backlogged post) I surprised my grandparents who were holiday-ing in Pagham. They were staying in a bungalow by the beach, where you could literally step out of the back door to this absolute haven of wild flowers by the sea. Wildflowers are my absolute faaaavourite, so I couldn’t resit taking some photos amongst them. 872 4 3 111Top- Miss Selfridge | Skirt- ASOS | Sandals- New Look

This outfit has been a firm summer favourite, especially the skirt. I’ve really enjoyed wearing it with a black turtleneck when it’s been colder (which has been most weeks). It’s the perfect skirt to swish around in, in the most perfect blue. I’m currently dying to find some more midis in different colours, specifically in silver, but I can’t seem to find any that are this perfect.


I’ve never really been one to wear much pink, but since this dusty pink trend came around a few months ago I was desperate to get something in it but couldn’t seem to find anything. I went shopping for some boring things like deodorant and shampoo, and I obviously ended up making some purchases which I absolutely DID need. This bomber was one of them.

3 2 41 6Bomber Jacket- New Look | Top- Miss Selfridge | Trousers- H&M | Sandals- New Look | Bag- Zara

This Summer has been all about embellished and embroidered bomber jackets, and I didn’t think I needed one until I saw this one. Normally when I buy things, they sit in the bag with the tag on for a few days or weeks before I decide I want to keep it and actually wear it. I tried doing this with the bomber, but I ended up wearing it that day which really says something for me!

I’ve worn it non stop and I don’t know what I did without it. You can wear the most boring outfit consisting of black jeans and a black top, but throwing this jacket on just makes you look like you’ve actually made an effort.

I’ve definitely got to the point where I’m trying to restrain myself from buying a black one, so I really can wear it with everything. They’re the perfect jacket for Summer in London, and I totally get the hype.

JMB xx


As mentioned in my outfit post, my and my girls went to Durdle Door, after getting a bit lost Lulworth Cove first.

Durdle Door has been on my Dorset hit list since forever, and after a failed attempt with my family which can be seen here,  we finally made it! After an hour or two of hiking up the steepest hill I think I have ever seen, passing some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, we made camp on the stone beach. 1913 151067 8 9 11 51720 21

I would thoroughly recommend visiting on a sunny day, especially in the week when it’s fairly quiet! It’s such a beautiful sun-trap, and I can’t wait to go back!!

JMB xx