Since going veggie, in Jul;y 2016 (whoah), the natural next step was to go cruelty free with my makeup. Like a lot of other people, animal testing never really crossed my mind until this point. I’m not sure if it never crossed my mind, or if I just turned a blind eye to it because I loved buying excessive amounts of makeup. I remember, a few weeks after going veggie I bought a Mac quad and my friend made me feel really guilty. I think she was partly doing it because she didn’t think I would actually stay veggie so… View Post

It sounds pretty cringey, but it’s true what people say, that older you get the more confident you get. I’ve spent most of my teenage to *young* adult life being pretty insecure, to the point when getting dressed would ruin my mood. I can’t be the only girl who has been in her room crying before a night out, when the rest of the gang are downstairs pre-drinking just because I felt fat in everything? This has happened too many times for me to count, each time my friends having to take it in turns to find me something to… View Post

December is generally time to reflect on the year, and earlier in the month I saw a post on Instagram, with the caption ‘It’s been a good year’ and my instant reaction was ‘well I haven’t had a good year’, but then I realised I was only basing that on the fact that I haven’t found love this year. And then I thought about it, and I realised I’ve had a pretty good year! I’ve been to Disneyland, I watched my best friend get married, I went to Glastonbury AND I SAW THE STONE ROSES! This made me think, why… View Post

I’m currently going through a stage of feeling huge and super insecure. I’m putting this down to getting my winter belly to keep me warm (like animals get their winter fur), but in reality I know it’s because of the carbs I’m constantly throwing down my throat. I definitely have those mornings before work where I try on 5 different outfits (before settling on my first one) and at the weekends I sometimes sit in my underwear, because it’s easier than choosing an outfit (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this), but despite this I still… View Post